Same ol' Crap with New Colors!

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Lake Front 10 (10 miles)
It was REALLY cold and windy that day. I was nervous at first but I ended up running a very good race. I rode my bike about 5 or 6 miles to the race, then I rode back. I remember that the water off of the lake was crashing up onto the bike path. It was tough.

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Soldier Field 10 (0 miles)
This is a 10 mile run. I put "0" down as I missed the race due to bad information. I still need to return my chip. A chip is a small plastic device that you tie onto your shoe. Your time is recorded as you cross over special timing mats at several points along the course. Some races are so large that it may take you several minutes before you even get to the start line. Your "chip time" starts when you cross the start mat.
Rotary Race to the Finish (5 miles)
It was hot so I hit every Aid Station. Aid Stations are tables set up every few miles where you can get water, Gatorade and sometimes gel packs (goo). You are burning energy and loosing water so much that you NEED to replenish your body DURING the race (You can't wait). As it was hot, I got water to keep from dehydrating. I also got a bit of water to dump on my head. It really helps you to stay cool.

Proud to Run 10k (6.2 miles)
The weather was great so I hung around for the post-race entertainment and awards. Races generally cost around $20 or $30 to enter. It's a great deal because the sponsors of the race sometimes raffle off hundreds of dollars in prizes. You don't need to win the race to win a prize. You also get a free shirt, treats, info and sometimes food. Not bad for $20.

Bally Total Fitness Race to Taste 5k (3.1 miles)
I sprained my ankle pretty badly in this run. I was able to finish the last 1.2 miles but it really hurt (pain and time). Fortunately I had my emergency money to take the train home. I recommend taking a few dollars cash with you (if you don't drive) for emergencies. I don't take a lot as the "gear check" crew is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Chicago Big 10k (6.2 miles)
Today, I continued my tradition of getting left in the dust by the running living legend, HiGUY. When you see the HiGUY you'll know it. He wears a little hat with a propeller on it, a shirt that says Hi, and he runs in home-made sandals. The HiGUY's mission is to spread happiness, but don't be fooled by his kindness—HiGUY kicks butt! This guy has run over 100+ marathons/250+ races in his sandals!

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Chicago Distance Classic (13.1 miles)
I planned to run with a friend in this race but we got separated after a pre-race bathroom trip. I'd advise getting to the race early to give yourself time to check gear, hit the bathroom, stretch, meet up, or whatever you need to do comfortably. I actually ran faster than last year, but got a slower time because I started in a bad position.

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